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      Update: 9 month(s) ago
    • Other names: 僕のカノジョ先生
    • Author(s): Kagami
    • Genre(s): Comedy Romance
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Views: 3408

    Due to past trauma,
    Shin Yaiki, a high school boy who doesn’t like people “teachers”,
    One day, she is called by Ms. Mika Fujishiro, the most popular beauty teacher in the school.

    Funny, nowadays teachers should not have a rebellious attitude ……
    Anxiety was raised, but in a student guidance room for two people, it was something that a strange and funny teacher issued

    “I, Mika Fujishiro-I like you.”

    Sudden confessions ぅ ぅ ぅ !!!

    Don’t be bothered (!?)
    Two forbidden love rice, class start!

    Maybe coming in

    Bokuno Kanojo Sensei - Raw Chap 3

    Bokuno Kanojo Sensei - Raw Chap 2


    Bokuno Kanojo Sensei - Raw Chap 1 3403 Views


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